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the last of my Spring grades are in - Academic Boot Camp

About the last of my Spring grades are in

Previous Entry the last of my Spring grades are in May. 23rd, 2006 @ 08:30 am Next Entry
My math grade finally came in:
I got an A, baby!

In 1271.

After failing 1471H twice. (Well, to be fair, I was given a W on my transcript for getting anything less than a C-, but I still failed the class.)

But hey, you take some, you lose some.

G.P.A. scorecard:
Term: 1.000 (put a bar over that for me, will ya?)
Cummulative: 2.247

My plans for the rest of the day: do my lesson two work for English, read chapters one and two from my physics textbook, copy my physics notes, go job hunting, and maybe spend some time hanging out with Patrick.
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