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About major failing

Previous Entry major failing May. 14th, 2006 @ 12:50 am Next Entry
Failed all of my classes (Japanese, freshman comp., Cash or Credit: You Need to Know. and c. sci.) except calc this semester, in which I'll probably end up with an A. That's 12 credits of fail and one credit of A. Luckily, I found out you have to already be on academic probation to get suspended, so I'm going to be taking 15 credits this summer and working full time to pay my way through school, my dad (very reasonably) won't be signing any financial aid forms anymore, even if I did want to appeal my F.A. suspension again this semester.
So, this summer I'm re-taking freshman comp. and physics, and taking biology and intro. to language acquisition for the first time. I'll also be re-taking c. sci. in the fall. If my Japanese teacher gives me a permission number (since the class is full), I'll be re-taking Japanese instead of taking intro. to language acquisition. I don't need it for my own knowledge, and I can take the Language Proficiency Exam to get into third year, but I'd much rather get a new grade for that class for transcript purposes.
Anyways, physics runs from 5/22 to 8/18, freshman comp. from 5/22 to 8/25, then bio. and language acquisition from 6/12 to 8/04, and if I get into it Japanese will be from 7/17 to 8/18.
Until the 22nd... Time to hunt for either a full-time job or a second part-time so I can pay my $5,500 I'll be owing the U.

P.S. I forgot. I need to move out of my dorm by the 31st, so I'm gonna start moving things out this week and get myself all set up before classes start, and then actually check out and move the last remnants of my belongings home by bus on the 31st.
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