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Grades, work issue affecting study - Academic Boot Camp

About Grades, work issue affecting study

Previous Entry Grades, work issue affecting study May. 5th, 2006 @ 12:15 am Next Entry
Before I sleep I must:
Finish a polished version of a creative story for English (yet to start. Due tomorrow *slaps hands*)

The pressure is on. I am aiming to go to sleep around 4-5 maybe? I will catch up on sleep Friday night and all day Saturday anyway.

Work issue effecting my study. I talked to my boss about cutting back my hours as I am finding that year 12 is becoming much more time consuming and difficult (maybe I should stop ljing for a while haha) and that working 15 hours a week minimum Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is effecting my ability to complete homework/assignments in the due dates given (hence English assignment. I just finished my Studies of society work before :|)

The boss said that it is called being an adult and having the ablity to cope and that I should think about it some more. Needless to say I was pissed right off. But being the passive I am I let it slide and am planning my stragetic phone conversation with him (I get nervous talking one to one, on the phone I am more assertive/can be a bitch) That night I worked horribly as a supervisor as I did not harp on to make people clean all the time.

I am seriously considering to tell the boss where to shove this job, in more civilized words though haha.

Well, off to create. The story will be involving a career/school crisis in the background. I am not really that creative and I want to vent.
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