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Academic Boot Camp

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Latin and History... Sep. 17th, 2006 @ 11:00 pm
So I took my history exam this Friday. (That's the 15th for those of you who can't remember.)

I'm positive I aced it.

I have a quiz in Latin tommrrow, and I think I've memorized most of the endings for nomnitive, ablative, accusative, genitive, and dative nouns and adjectives.

Here's hoping. Will update tommrrow with thoughts on Latin and my History score.

On exams... Sep. 8th, 2006 @ 01:52 pm
Yes, I know. I haven't updated. Bad kelaina!

The truth is...the way my classes are set up...there's generally no homework. Everything is based on exams, and I haven't had one yet.


I have one coming up next Friday, on England and the Reformation, the African Slave System, the Portugeuse, the Spanish Armada, the Inquisition, and the American Slave Colonies.

That's four chapters. I've been taking notes like crazy, and apparently, there's to be a study guide given on Monday.

According to my prof, the test will be taken directly from the study guide (yay!).

After this exam, I have a Latin test on Lessons 1-5 and an Anthropology test on the Netsilik Eskimos on the 22nd.

So...here's to studying. Wish me luck!

I'm back...and updating Aug. 23rd, 2006 @ 05:12 pm
Okay. I was around a year or two ago. Through personal circumstances, I decided not to update here for a while, as I had three million other things going on at the time.


I was accepted to a mid-level university in my state, and classes began today. I'll be updating as frequently as possible, but this may render difficult as my personal computer has not arrived yet (stupid Tablet).

So! classes!

Anthropology 2010: Society around the World 9:00-10:00
Latin 10001 10:00-11:00
World Civilzation 1031: Since 1500 11:00-12:00

Philosophy 1090: Introduction to Philosophy of Religion 9:30-11:00
Philosophy 1695: Introduction to the Old Testament 6:30-9:30 p.m. (Tuesday only)

So far I have 90 pages due by next Weds, the first lesson in Latin due Friday, and two exams on Sept. 22.

We shall see...

And where IS everyone?

Jun. 21st, 2006 @ 06:50 pm
For my mid year psychology exam I recieved 98.89%. It does not count for much though as it is mainly practice for the end of year exam.

(my english exam is still unmarked, my chem exam was 90%, my math studies exam was 75%)

I stayed up all night last night and the night before that working on my studies of societies essay and handed in a rough draft this morning. My style of writing is better at midnight near colapsing rather than when I do the work at a reasonable hour. I got back the rough copy and resubmitted it at the end of the school day.

School is so much less stressful when there is no overdue work to be done at the last minute.

I am a more science based person and am taking English studies, writing stories/poems is a problematic area for me and we have been getting poetry and writing assignments so I have to work harder than normal to even pass.
Write a descriptive story 600-800 words, due Tuesday
Re-do creative story 700-1000 words, due Friday

well, I better start writing :P

授業に行かないこと May. 25th, 2006 @ 10:24 am
I didn't set the alarm last night when I went to bed about 12:30, assuming that I'd wake up maybe around 9:30 or 10. Fact is I woke up at 10:50, looked at the clock, and saw I had to be out of the building in 20 minutes if I wanted to make it to Tate on time, and really it'd be better if I could get out more like 11:05. Then about 11 I realized I needed to check what room my discussion was in, and its in Folwell, not Tate. So, I kept on getting ready, knowing I'd be a few minutes late. However, by the time I was ready to get out the door, it was already 11:15, meaning I'd be 15 minutes late to a 50 minute class, which just seemed rude... So I decided to skip discussion and go to the 12:20 lab (which is more important that lecture or discussion).
Did I make the wrong decision? Did the importance of my going to all classes because that's basically what causes me to fail classes overweigh the rudeness of missing a third of class?
Well, at least now I can get some calories before standing on my feet for two hours.

*does some reading before lab*
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Other entries
» the last of my Spring grades are in
My math grade finally came in:
I got an A, baby!

In 1271.

After failing 1471H twice. (Well, to be fair, I was given a W on my transcript for getting anything less than a C-, but I still failed the class.)

But hey, you take some, you lose some.

G.P.A. scorecard:
Term: 1.000 (put a bar over that for me, will ya?)
Cummulative: 2.247

My plans for the rest of the day: do my lesson two work for English, read chapters one and two from my physics textbook, copy my physics notes, go job hunting, and maybe spend some time hanging out with Patrick.
» I should post here.
I am halfway through my biomed essay. It is due monday.
My goal is to get a B.

I am scraping through my subjects, but I'm determined to do well...
» go Nastassja, it's not your birthday
Yay me!

I just finished next week's freshman comp work. :)

I'm gonna go take a nap now.
» major failing
Failed all of my classes (Japanese, freshman comp., Cash or Credit: You Need to Know. and c. sci.) except calc this semester, in which I'll probably end up with an A. That's 12 credits of fail and one credit of A. Luckily, I found out you have to already be on academic probation to get suspended, so I'm going to be taking 15 credits this summer and working full time to pay my way through school, my dad (very reasonably) won't be signing any financial aid forms anymore, even if I did want to appeal my F.A. suspension again this semester.
So, this summer I'm re-taking freshman comp. and physics, and taking biology and intro. to language acquisition for the first time. I'll also be re-taking c. sci. in the fall. If my Japanese teacher gives me a permission number (since the class is full), I'll be re-taking Japanese instead of taking intro. to language acquisition. I don't need it for my own knowledge, and I can take the Language Proficiency Exam to get into third year, but I'd much rather get a new grade for that class for transcript purposes.
Anyways, physics runs from 5/22 to 8/18, freshman comp. from 5/22 to 8/25, then bio. and language acquisition from 6/12 to 8/04, and if I get into it Japanese will be from 7/17 to 8/18.
Until the 22nd... Time to hunt for either a full-time job or a second part-time so I can pay my $5,500 I'll be owing the U.

P.S. I forgot. I need to move out of my dorm by the 31st, so I'm gonna start moving things out this week and get myself all set up before classes start, and then actually check out and move the last remnants of my belongings home by bus on the 31st.
» Grades, work issue affecting study
Before I sleep I must:
Finish a polished version of a creative story for English (yet to start. Due tomorrow *slaps hands*)

The pressure is on. I am aiming to go to sleep around 4-5 maybe? I will catch up on sleep Friday night and all day Saturday anyway.

Work issue effecting my study. I talked to my boss about cutting back my hours as I am finding that year 12 is becoming much more time consuming and difficult (maybe I should stop ljing for a while haha) and that working 15 hours a week minimum Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is effecting my ability to complete homework/assignments in the due dates given (hence English assignment. I just finished my Studies of society work before :|)

The boss said that it is called being an adult and having the ablity to cope and that I should think about it some more. Needless to say I was pissed right off. But being the passive I am I let it slide and am planning my stragetic phone conversation with him (I get nervous talking one to one, on the phone I am more assertive/can be a bitch) That night I worked horribly as a supervisor as I did not harp on to make people clean all the time.

I am seriously considering to tell the boss where to shove this job, in more civilized words though haha.

Well, off to create. The story will be involving a career/school crisis in the background. I am not really that creative and I want to vent.
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