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Academic Boot Camp

Be All That You Can Be

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Userinfo last updated 03/26/2006

Welcome to academilitary, an LJ community dedicated to academic discipline. In military boot camp, you learn to give up all the comforts that you've taken for granted for the sake of becoming "all that you can be". When push comes to shove, you shove harder. Why shouldn't this mentality apply to academics?

This community is designed for students determined to achieve their maximum potential through hard work and discipline, refusing to give up. Welcome to boot camp: training begins now. This community is moderated and maintained by tsukikage85 and twilight_bella.

When joining the community, please make an introductory post with your current grade/year, a list of your current classes, long-term academic plans, current G.P.A., all major upcoming assignments/exams, and your greatest weakness in achieving your full potential.

- Please use your best spelling and grammar. This includes using spellcheck before posting. No 4.0 student turns in research papers without proof-reading them multiple times, and your posts here will certainly be much shorter than a 5-page paper.
- Be honest. You will not achieve your goals if you don't hold yourself properly accountable. If we ask you if you finished your lab report yet, and you haven't even started, do not tell us that you're half-way done. Don't even tell us that you started it ten minutes ago. If you got a C+ on your most recent test when you were aiming for at least a B, do not tell us that you got a B-.
- All members are expected to make a thorough update of their past week by Sunday evening. Any member to go two weeks without a progress update without explaining the situation to the mods will be removed.
- You will not be granted posting access unless you have the community friended, and if you you de-friend the community, your posting access will be removed.

Since this community is based on accountability, we expect members to comment on their co-members' posts on a regular basis. (And no, you don't have to comment on absolutely every post - just try to make a habit of it.) Therefore, academilitary has moderated membership. In order to be accepted, after requesting to join you must add the community to your friends list, or else contact one of the moderators and inform them of how you are planning to keep up with the community.

NOTICE: Winter (quarters)/Spring (semesters) term updates are due on or by Sunday, January 15th, 2006.


ACADEMILITARY: Academic Boot Camp

ACADEMILITARY: Academic Boot Camp

ACADEMILITARY: Academic Boot Camp